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Vehicle theft is still a problem

According to the latest Statistics Canada figures, 82,411 vehicles disappeared in Canada in 2011, 22,397 vehicles were stolen in Quebec, 20,768 in Ontario and more than 13,186 in British Columbia confirming that vehicle theft remains an expensive – but preventable - crime for every driver on the road.

Thieves are targeting older vehicles. "Some thefts are committed by joyriders, who are not really specialized in vehicle theft, are looking for a car that is easy to steal and can be used to commit other crimes. Other, more professional thieves are working for organized auto theft rings who are targeting these type of vehicles to sell for parts on the black market.

As per the GAA, the recovery rate for vehicles stolen in the greater Toronto area, in 2007, was 67%. For Montréal, the situation is even more disturbing since the percentage of vehicles that were stolen and then found within the territory of Montreal was only 31%.

Equipment theft also…

A recent survey demonstrated how pervasive and expensive the issue is for businesses in the construction industry. Almost half of respondents – 46% - reported that they have experienced a theft on their job site. Even more concerning is that a third – 31% - have experienced theft more than once and that 63% of stolen equipment was never seen again.

Commercial owners need to take effective, proactive and timely measures to avoid the hassle, cost and downtime associated with it. Considering that insurance claims for equipment can take far longer than the 30-day standard for vehicles, until a theft claim is settled, a stolen piece of equipment generates absolutely no revenue for the business. These common situations can add up to significant expense to business owners, not to mention insurance premium hikes that usually affect an entire fleet.

Theft cost time and money

Not only is the issue of vehicle theft reported to cost Canadians $1 billion annually in insurance and law enforcement costs, but it can also cost individual victims over $2,500 in out of pocket expenses from a theft in lost vehicle contents, loss of use of vehicle, loss of down payment, potential rental car costs and increases in insurance premiums on a replacement vehicle.

LoJack – The best solution on the market

That’s why it’s more important than ever to protect your vehicle with a LoJack recovery device, the best solution against vehicle theft. Since 1995, we have aided in the recovery of more than 7,250 vehicles and other assets with an approximate value of more than $352 million. It has also led police to conduct over 500 arrests in the past 5 years alone.

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