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Support to law enforcement

At LoJack Canada, we believe that vehicle theft should be addressed at the grassroots – which means involvement from every sector of society. We wish to offer total peace of mind to the population and to do so, we are continuing a close collaboration between the private and public sectors.

LoJack Canada customers now benefit from the support of some law enforcement agencies, and in turn, they are provided with the world’s most successful tracking technology to help recover stolen vehicles and apprehend thieves.

If you would like to be part of our fight against vehicle theft, please contact Michael Lendick, National security director and law enforcement liaison at 1.877.777.8722


Ever wonder how the iconic LoJack brand began? Flashback to 1986 with this 1st video on the foundation of LoJack Corp and its commitment to keeping law enforcement safe.  http://www.LoJack.CA

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